Ensuring High ROI on Mobile Apps

10Internet users worldwide are increasingly adopting mobile applications; companies are realizing the true potential of mobile apps as inbound marketing tools. It is paramount to understand the market and create a multidimensional strategy to capture the interest of the tech-savvy mobile generation. Mobile apps as marketing tools are ideally suited for companies looking to target on-the-go users who are hooked to their devices.

In this already overcrowded apps world, how do you ensure your app stands out and stays installed on a user’s device so it can be leveraged as a marketing tool? According to Forrester, by 2016 there will be over 1 billion smartphone and tablet users, this translates into new opportunities for marketers. It is however, essential to use inbound marketing for showcasing your product alongside marketing the app itself to generate downloads.

App users today can instantly distinguish a promotional tool from a useful one. Therefore, your app must inescapably be aimed towards helping or entertaining the users and not just be a promotional tool.

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Affordable And Reliable Mobile Sales Apps Are Attracting Business Organizations

9Over several years, mobile devices have progressed from being an over driven toy to a hyper operative tool. Now they have become the centerpiece of IT businesses. With the continuously evolving technology, people are more likely to use tablets, smartphones or any other mobile devices. The instinctive interface and high speed data access have made mobile computing an amazing experience for users.

Smartphones and smarter operating systems have seen the exposure of utility tools, data-editing apps, games and more. These marketplaces have made it effortless for people accessing any information right from their fingertips. Mobile apps have brought about an extraordinary growth in business operations of many small and large enterprises. So companies are now using mobile applications to tap into existing user-base and reach large number of customers.

Below are the brands which have incorporated app solutions to provide present mobile technology presentations for their sales team:


The Volvo FH is reportedly being said that it is the truck for future. In concern with the huge transport truck, the

Why You Should Develop Mobile App For Your Brand

1An average consumer spends about 2 hours daily on a mobile device; this reiterates the fact that having a mobile presence has become extremely important for brands and businesses across the globe. Brands are looking for innovative ways to attract more consumers. Creating a mobile app is one such innovative idea to increase engagement of potential customers that has become extremely popular among the brands this year.

Incase if you are wondering why to develop a mobile app, here are few reasons to do so: Help create a direct marketing channel:

One of the biggest advantages of having a mobile app for the brand is that all the important information that a business needs to provide to its customers like special offers and promotions, is right at their finger tips. Allowing push notification makes it even easier and gets you closer to a direct interaction with the customers.


The reason why mobile applications are getting so popular is because it is easier for the customers to access the program through a gadget with just

Mobile Apps For Events – A Formidable Tool For Organizers

7Events are an effective tool for enterprises to promote their brands and communicate with their consumers. In a bid to mobilize events and achieve significant success, organizers seek the help of event applications to enhance productivity and learning. Mobile apps for events have been designed specifically to facilitate organizing events, and have managed to meet the exact requirements of organizers as well as attendees. These applications are equipped with innovative features that make the lives of both organizers and attendees easy. These apps are also highly beneficial for the sponsors as it helps promote their brands effectively.

Mobile applications have managed to garner rave reviews from both organizers and attendees, mainly attributable to these factors. The demand for these apps have soared in recent times as organizers are increasingly implementing these applications to organize a successful event. Mobile apps come with a number of innovative features that add to the brand value of an event and make the lives of all the participants easy.

Benefits of mobile apps are:

  • Significant Revenue Stream:

Loads of Mobile Apps Which Make Life Easier

2You can upload crisis or life saver’s app, which gives you instant access to hospitals or humanitarian agencies just in case you are stuck up in a major crisis situation. You can upload apps for playing your favorite set of games. You can upload a medical insurance app, if someone is on the way to the hospital and you need to inform insurance agencies. Let us unveil a few of these great apps. You can approach a mobile website design company or a mobile app development company to get various apps developed that can be easily installed on smartphones.

Secure locate:
Secure locate is a tracker with an inbuilt GPS system installed. You get numbers of humanitarian agencies, Govt. agencies, high net worth individuals and International Govt. organizations with real time monitoring, communication, coordination and rapid response capabilities.

Medical Insurance:
You can develop a mobile app, to co-ordinate with leading insurance companies operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE. The app gives you a seamless experience, to pay your premium amount on time

Mobile App – Important Part of Our Routine Life

5Mobile technology has been popular for a decade now and with the Smartphone comes in life, people are addicted to it. Smartphone and tablets have been the most demanding devices for the crowd because of its rich functionality and advanced features. With the smart phones coming in our lives, communication is easy and simple, people like to use the internet for shopping online, finding directions, ordering food online etc. Users have uses GPS for getting directions, uses mobile as a watch, uses as a camera for clicking pictures, uses for music, uses to connect to social networking sites, uses for playing games etc. The numbers of Smartphone users by 2015 will reach 2 billion and 83% of internet usage will be from mobile phones.

Mobile Apps technology has been a part of different domains like entertainment, travel, hotel, education, health centres and many others. As the business world is using a Smartphone for giving user friendly experience to their users, entrepreneurs are keen on getting an app built for their customers. Mobile phones give the facility of texting

Monetization of Mobile Applications

4If we talk about Mobile application development, we have to first understand what it is. It basically refers to the process of developing applications which can run on handheld devices such as personal digital assistants, tablets, mobile devices etc. Mobile apps development is similar to Web application development and has its roots in more traditional software development. One critical difference between them is that mobile app developers have to keep in mind that applications are often written specifically to take advantage of the unique features a particular mobile device offers. Major point of concern for mobile developers is to keep the user interface or more commonly abbreviated as UI easy for user to understand and get used to, such that he can feel the same flow of interface design and doesn’t feel less of functionality at the same time.

If app has an attractive and interactive user interface with all the working functionalities, it will get the attention of many users and idea will be re-shared among other users in goodwill, and if it is monetized

Benefits of a Mobile Website or a Mobile App

3We live in a NOW world and this World is smaller and more connected. The necessity of more speed, accuracy and more information gave birth to computer, Internet and phones. The NOW world was renewed further when the mobile apps were developed for tablets, smart phones and others. Developing Applications is the most ingenious concept to take your business a step ahead, so why not conjure your business ideas with the Mobile Application.

There are few steps to be followed in order to evaluate your business idea into Mobile Application.

In persuasion of Application Development for your Business idea, make sure you are thorough with the genres of your business. Consider few very aspect to evaluate your business idea- scrutinize the services provided by your brand and know your target audience and Mobile App serve as an accessory to your existing product, whether your business lies in the category of retail, hospitality, medical, IT based and others.

After the classification of your business, adjudge the right idea for Mobile Application Development. Some

How Mobile Technology Helps You in Controlling Your Home?

F2FC0X Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.According to a survey, 79% of the people within the ages 22-44 will have their smartphones within reach for almost 22 hours in a day.

In an average, an American spends 2 hours and 42 minutes per day using their mobile devices; in this, almost 80% of the group will reach to their mobile devices as soon as they wake up. But what do they do with mobile device? Why they are spending so much time on that? These are the questions that strike our mind when we take a look at the mobile usage statistics. Mobile technology does a lot more than we can imagine; they can assist you in many ways.

Here are 5 ways how mobile technology can help you in controlling your home:

  1. Mobile technology helps in keeping the security devices ‘on’ all the time: Mobile technology allows security devices of your home to stay connected all the time. Some security systems not only come with backup batteries which operate when

Ways To Build A Mobile Application

1In time and today’s age, smartphones and applications have gained much popularity. From now on, a mobile phone is not only limited to making calls. With the help of the development of mobile telephony, individuals and companies have started to create unique and innovative applications that facilitate web browsing, email, fax, games, information, wireless and graphics. Considering the revolution of mobile devices, developers are angry.

The application developers combine different elements to make applications and software solutions. Various organizations have begun to focus on business applications and loads of them have started outsourcing their requirements to developers worldwide. Some preferred software solutions include web applications, games and interactive business solutions across different technology platforms. There are a few things you need to consider before deciding on a specific mobile application.


Mobile phone applications are different from one platform to another and can not design an application that runs on all platforms. With different companies, mobile platforms are dissimilar and some applications work with specific technologies only. For example, an iPhone app can not work on

Enter The 21st Century With a Mobile App

1The world runs on technology. Everyone wants everything at their fingertips, and the businesses that give clients and customers this option thrive. If you’re a business that’s been stuck in the Stone Ages because you’re afraid of technology, it’s time to bring in the assistance of a top quality mobile development agency in the United Kingdom to bring you into the 21st century. Giving your customers fingertip access to your products and services puts you right where you want to be when they need the types of products and services you provide. With the highly skilled help of a mobile development agency, you can put your company back on the map and join the list of booming businesses that use technology to their benefit.

A mobile development agency can create mobile and/or web apps for your company. They can also handle all of your web development needs. Whether you want to be able to market and sell your products and services online or you just want customers to be able to interact with your company, a mobile development

10 Hidden Cost of Mobile App Development For All Businesses

22Sometimes companies may not anticipate certain mobile app development costs, which come as a shock later.

Hidden costs do not necessarily apply to all apps, so you must watch out for certain things before building any mobile apps for your business.

Few of these are listed below:

1. App Launch:

As you may not be able to get your application out as quickly as you like due to various reasons, deploying it from your website may drive up costs depending on your hosting arrangement, but you’ll have more control. These costs are often neglected and should be tapped in time.

2. Consider designer cost separate:

Developers get confused with artists at times, and they presume the developer to design the app as well. This is wrong, and should be treated separately.

3. Additional changes cost:

Initial estimates get made by developers that are very often followed by numerous changes midway. These values need attention to avoid final billing shocks.

4. Cost of backend:

Why Custom Mobile App Development to Meet Market Needs

21The number of code device users is increasing each single day. From students to operating professionals & retired men, each entity is provided with a mobile device nowadays. In reality, we tend to board associate age which will be classified because the age of data technology. This is often the explanation why it’s become imperative for a business unit to increase their web-based applications to the new procured mobile devices. However, the planning of apps needs a special set of technical skills as hostile the creation of net apps. Since a client can currently browse the identical website from a mobile device, constraints like speed, space, screen size limitation, and time should be taken into thought. Generally, users of desktops & laptops browse a website whereas sitting in one place; so, the location rendering time isn’t a difficulty the developers need to confine mind.

However, within the case of multiple device users, they’re continuously on the move and have somewhat time whereas accessing a selected item inside one website. Since mobile device users typically

4 Steps to Design a Great Mobile App

17Considering the importance of design process, it is vital to count on a developer having adequate experience in designing apps that are user-friendly and make a positive difference to people’s lives in some way. Whether you wish to provide information to your users, entertain them or help them perform their jobs in a better way, design makes one of the most crucial aspects of app development process. Following are 4 steps to design a great mobile app

Set goals

Beginning with the design process would seem to be challenging till the time you do not set your goals. Determine the purpose of your application. Is it cutting down the paper clutter for businesses by providing them mobile solution to manage workflow and workforce? Is it to entertain them by offering an enthralling gaming app?

After you know how your application will help improve lives of people or provide them an awesome source of entertainment, you will have goals for your design team which can then focus on your

Mobile App & Mobile Website

17For most people a cellular web page is almost the same as a cellular app. That’s an clear and understandable mistake, because they actually look-alike. Their most essential similarity is that they both function in a mobile mobile phone (tablet or smartphone). However, they do have many modifications.

A cellular web page is just like a pc web page in functions and content, only made to fit a lightweight show. They are used through a web internet browser. A cellular system is down-loadable and set up on your brilliant mobile phone or product from an app shop (iTunes, Google Execute, Blackberry mobile phones mobile mobile phones App World or Ms ms windows Market Place).

An system can get content in your system, so that you may not need a online accessibility afterwards, or it can fill up content from the web just like a cellular web page.

If you are feeling attractive on what is best to have, here is a small tip: Identify your end goals!

A cellular web page is the popular choice

How To Reach Customers Through Mobile Apps?

19These days, the customers look for immediate access to information about the companies or about the services offered and the mobile phones assist them in this matter. This stands to the reason that the customers want to interact with a company and want to collect services and goods from the company through the mobile device.

A mobile app actually helps a business by enabling it always, in the nights, holidays and weekends while offering the customers different rewards programs, on-the-go-access, recruitment opportunities and many more. So, engaging the customers has never been so simple than with these mobile apps. With these apps, it is actually possible to promote a business practically.

Here are the ways through which you will be able to boost the customer engagement with the mobile apps:

• Keep the things simple: One of the major drivers of marketing stickiness is the decision simplicity. These days, the customers are just bombarded with numerous marketing messages through dozens of channels. The thing that keeps them well engaged with a brand is the simplicity of

Why Opting for a Mobile App Company is the Best Choice?

16Mobile apps are a wonderful way to reach out personally to the users and consumers and this is a growing trend which is evident in the increasing number of mobile app companies that seem to be popping up everywhere. Look around you and you can find these in every nook and corner. So, why should you opt for a developer when there are so many easy ways to do it yourself? Here is why!

Advanced Solutions

They are experienced at what they do. Plus, they will have truckloads of experience which means when you hire them, your apps will come out to be very well designed creatively using tested and proven strategies. Plus, they will have in-depth knowledge regarding the various platforms used and how to make the most of all that. Your money will definitely be worth it.

Better Options

Now, if you want your app to have certain unique features, relying on your in-house developer might not be really effective. They are a team who do this for a living. So, they will

Is Mobile Application The New Revolution

15It may be surprising to know but today internet is accessed more through phones than computers. It was not long back when people were using the internet only through computers and nobody thought this kind of revolution can come. However, today with extensive growth in technology and availability of smartphones in cheap rate has caused this tremendous change.

Birth of Mobile App Development

Today one can easily afford high-end mobile phones and everybody out there is almost addicted to their smartphones. This has made very big way for the mobile application developers because now people are not accessing their computers much. So, if any website or application needs success then it should be mobile friendly or should be developed for mobiles only.

You take any business establishment, they have their mobile apps in the market for the mobile users and according to the survey by leading marketing organizations today maximum customers are mobile based. Mobile App Development India has understood the trend and is cashing in nicely by developing robust mobile applications.

Benefit of Mobile

How to Develop a Useful Mobile App?

14Mobile applications are not only the reason of entertainment but they are equally suitable for business communication and selling products. Mobile phones are capable devices but they are more powerful with mobile applications.

Mobile applications have made things go easier in routine. They are effective to showcase products & services and make it possible for businesses to earn big revenues. But it is important that a business application is useful so that it can make a good impression on its audience. However, an effective application can be developed if following considerations are made;

Develop a Strategy

It is very important that a proper development strategy is developed for flawless mobile apps development. Different useful surveys and researches must be carried out in order to develop awareness among the audience. Public opinions help in developing an application which fulfills specific needs of users. Today, many mobile application development Dubai companies develop mobile apps based on these public surveys and researches.

Design Considerations

The design has to be very consistent

Fix Mobile Phone Problems on Your Own With Mobile Repairing Tools

13Mobile phone is a basic accessory for every person these days. Imaging a day spent without a cell phone. Obviously! It would be incomplete. A mobile phone is becoming an uber device i.e., an ultimate or best device that can be used for multi-functions. Today, a cell phone is not only used as a communication device rather it is extensively used for other applications like sending and receiving text messages, reading emails, surfing the internet, setting an alarm clock, checking time, using calculator, playing games, checking facebook and to name a few. Understandably, if an electronic device is of great utility it is more and more prone to breakdown and malfunction. Even though one owns the most advanced, sturdy and branded cell phone or computer, once in a while it needs to be serviced or repaired.

Although there are numerous mobile phone specialists available in the market to get the repairing job done for your damaged cell phone but frankly speaking their repairing charges are too high. Even the cost of a simple mechanical or electrical failure in